latte art and computer

My Statement is my computer service business dedicated to providing expert advice and technician work at the convenient location of the client’s home. It’s for clients who need computer help that is accommodating, productive, and also creative.

My Story
I’m Patrick living here in the Orlando Florida area. Years ago in highschool I attended every possible art and computer class I can find. Afterwards, I went to college studying computers, digital media, art, and computer programming. I went not only for the purpose of knowledge, but because I have a passion for art and technology. Throughout most of my life, my profession was audio and video in the entertainment industry. During that time, my hobby was helping people understand computers and fixing their computer problems. I’d put time into helping people learn the basics on how computers work. As of lately, I finally decided to turn it into a career as an entrepreneurship, a computer technician who enjoys consulting clients and resolving their computer problems.